Engineering a Greener World

Our mission is to engineer the world's transition to a sustainable future through helping thousands more businesses improve their energy efficiency, implement a low carbon strategy and most importantly reduce their carbon footprint

Developing Low Carbon Strategies

We are leading the implementation of energy efficiency measures by supporting organisations in reducing their carbon emissions

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Our Pro Toolbox

Manage reduction of your carbon emissions, by using our industry leading toolkit

Pro Services

We can support your business on the journey to decarbonisation by helping you develop and implement your Low or Net-Zero Carbon strategy

SEE Change

Our Automated Monitoring and Targeting software enables you to monitor and manage your energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions


Our Carbon Footprinting, Accounting and Reporting Software (CFAR) enables the development and implementation of your  Zero Carbon Strategy


About Pro Enviro

Pro Enviro is a specialist energy engineering, carbon abatement and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience working with organisations in energy intensive sectors.
We are leaders in developing and implementing Low Carbon and net-zero carbon strategies for organisations in all sectors.
We have helped thousands of businesses improve their energy efficiency, implement a Low Carbon strategy, reduce their carbon footprint and, most importantly save money.

Our Pro Services

Pro Enviro will support you in developing innovative and effective solutions to decarbonise your operations.  At the heart of our solutions and services, there is an innovative suite of digital platforms and online software, facilitating accurate advanced diagnostics. These enable energy monitoring and targeting, performance analysis and carbon accounting and reporting.


Developing Low Carbon Strategies

Globally, we are currently emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon per annum. To meet the challenging target of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, (preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius), compared to pre-industrial levels, we need to make changes that reduce our carbon emissions immediately.

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SEE Change

Pro Enviro’s comprehensive and intuitive energy Automated Monitoring and Targeting system (AM&T) makes the job of managing otherwise invisible resources, such as electricity, gas, oil and steam, simple.

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CFAR is Pro Enviro’s purpose-built Carbon Footprinting, Accounting and Reporting software that enables companies to quantify their Scopes 1, 2 or 3 GHG emissions.

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Developing net-zero Carbon Strategies

In order to meet the challenge of keeping the average global temperature rise to 1.5 to 2.0 degree Centigrade as agreed as a must achieve target for all nations in the Paris Agreement to avoid climate disaster, we must all participate in decarbonising how we live, work and make things and get to net zero as quickly as practical.

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What Our Clients Say

Mr Andrew Whitworth Managing Director, A W Precision LtdProcess Optimisation: how we are reducing our annual energy usage & costs by over £57K! Pro Enviro contacted us as a fellow member of Made in the Midlands – it turns out that we are almost neighbours, both being based just off the M6 in Rugby. As a member of Made in the Midlands, we took advantage of their offer of a free Energy Efficiency Assessment. This would establish if there were ways of reducing our energy consumption.…
Dave Gummerson Managing Director, Elite Plastics Like every business, we have been concerned about the rapid rise of energy costs and our energy efficiency. Thanks to the support of Pro Enviro, who helped us identify several areas for improvement and access the most appropriate funding for all of our requirements, we have been able to implement a low carbon strategy and effectively address the potential for cost savings and carbon reduction – all of which we are taking action…
Ray Williams and Gill Horton Directors, James & Williams James & Williams manufacture a wide range of high-quality coffin handles and coffin fittings at their own factory in Herefordshire. This family run business has traded as Decorative Metallisers/James and Williams since 1968 and specialised in vacuum metallising for decorative products and funeral fittings. “In the early 1970's we started to manufacture our own coffin fittings and have built up a comprehensive range…
Keith Hardie Special Projects Director, Galebreaker Agri“Thanks to the Pro Enviro team carrying out a Business Energy Efficiency Assessment, we identified several ways we could further improve our energy efficiency. Pro Enviro’s findings identified that, by making their recommended changes, we could achieve annual financial savings of up to £18,872 and 62.81 tonnes of CO2e. They then helped us prioritise the required changes, identify and access the best available funding…
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Our Pro Toolkit

Our suite of easy to use web-based software tools, with powerful diagnostic modules can identify opportunities for energy and carbon reduction. Our automated monitoring and targeting tool (SEE Change) and the online carbon footprinting accounting and reporting tool (CFAR) can help develop innovative strategies to reduce your carbon emissions. Our powerful set of web-based tools eliminates the need for manual analysis of your energy data. This then provides a clear pattern of usage, detailed reports of energy consumption and costs, profiles your carbon emissions while tracking reduction over time.

Our Latest News


Pro Enviro are partners in ‘Repowering the Black County Project’

Led by the Black Country Consortium, the Repowering the Black Country partnership includes local businesses Kew Technology, Pro Enviro and CR Plus, supported by specialists from the University of Birmingham and WMG, University of Warwick, as well as companies specialising in urban agriculture (District Eating) and energy investment (M3MAS).

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Podcast Review: The Climate Question.

The first podcast was released on 02 November 2020 by the BBC world service, discussing the current climate crisis. It is the introduction to the weekly podcast about the climate crisis.

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Book Review: "How to Avoid Climate Disaster" Bill Gates

How are we going to avoid climate change disaster after literally decades of environmental mismanagement? In this book, Bill Gates takes on the challenge of detailing the impending climate change problems we face using a well-reasoned and refreshingly honest approach of how we can avoid climate disaster.

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